We're working on making the future of work present

Online services have become an integral part in how we get things done, and are where we spend a large portion of our time.


Business happens in these tools, and when you look at each one in detail, you notice how much valuable information is stored within them.


In Trello you know exactly what's being worked on. With Stripe you can see how much you're earning.

Now, does moving things to "done" in Trello, have an effect on how much you're earning? It depends, but either way you can't measure it.

Business is driven by decisions. We make loads of them everyday. To arrive at a decision we need to ask questions.

That begs the question in this example:

"How does my productivity level in Trello directly affect my earnings?"

Surely, the answer to that will help us adjust things accordingly, so we can make more money, right?

There are so many more examples like this. Questions you may ask in the day to day running of your business, to which the answers live at the intersection of online services you use.

The usual suspects within the realms of data analytics and business intelligence seem like a solution at first, but there are a few issues with them.

They show you too much information, generally lack simplicity, require manual effort for you to get the results you want, or just aren't smart enough.

Often quite expensive, they are also out of reach for most startups.

Bad dashboard

There's a better way to do this, and this is what we're working on.

Introducing Unubo

Unubo exists at the intersection of online services you already use. Powered by your data from these tools, it helps you make sense of what's happening in your startup through different views. A view is a live snapshot, of a particular aspect of your business. You can go from seeing customer related information:

Users view

To monitoring how your product launch is performing:

Launch view

Our approach

A lot of data is required to perform the kind of analytics we're planning.

We're deliberately taking a well considered, phased approach, to ensure we make the right decisions, work on the right things, and make sure your privacy is upheld along the way.

This isn't an exhaustive list of features, but more like a high level approach:

Phase 0 - Initialise 🌱
Look at this as an introduction to our construct. It sets up the foundation on which we'll build future iterations. Here we introduce 4 views:

🚀 Launch: Track the performance of your launch
📈 Growth: Track your growth
👥 Users: See who your users are
💵 Finances: Keep an eye on finances

Phase 1 - Search 🗣
With this phase we introduce search. This means, that instead of clicking through to a view, you can simply search:

"What's our MRR?"

This becomes especially important, as we build more and more views. Additionally, search will be powered by voice.

Phase 2 - Awakening 🤖
Here we'll introduce a voice for Unubo, meaning that they can verbally respond to your queries, as well as showing you visually.

Phase 3 - Intelligence 🧠
Unubo will have spent enough time with your data, to perform predictive analytics, proactive recommendations, amongst other features.

They understand deep context, so complex, verbal communication becomes a reality.

At this phase Unubo will be your business personified.

Our why

We're driven by our mission to significantly improve the way people work.

Within the confines of what we call "work", we believe there are a lot of things we shouldn't be doing, in this day and age.

Technology should exist to free up our precious time, so that we can do more of what we choose.

The narrative on what constitutes work needs to change.

With Unubo we're working on making the future of work present.