Simplicity through technology

We live in truly amazing times. If you wanted to deploy an application to a server 19 years ago, which is 2000 at the time of writing, it meant leasing a physical server, which was cost prohibitive.

Even if you invested in a server, you had to configure everything yourself. There was no simple interface, allowing you to quickly deploy something.

Fast forward to 2019, there’s a large variety of companies offering solutions to get your app deployed online.

Despite advances in technology and a wide spectrum of providers available, the entire process of creating something digitally, and deploying it to the cloud is still a disjointed experience. These steps for example, mostly require separate tools:

  • Domain name registration
  • Content management
  • Database setup
  • Server setup
  • Page design
  • CDN setup
  • Analytics
  • Coding

We see a future where all steps in the process of creating and deploying a digital asset will be done from one place.