Your cloud apps in one place

Easily manage your cloud apps including cost, users and reports.

Free early access

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Manage your costs with ease

Stay on top of your finances by seeing how much you really spend across your business per month, per quarter and per year.

No more manually updating spreadsheets. The dynamic dashboard updates cost in realtime and calculates different billing cycles and currencies into one simple view.

Detailed app info

See important, app specific information such as how many users are registered and what level of access they have.

When a new employee joins, they’re automatically added and the cost is updated in real time.

Reports & Forecasts

The reports tell you what has been spent so far. Easily track if you're staying within budget.

With automated forecasts you can glimpse into the future and estimate how much you'll be spending based on your growth.

User management

With UNUBO you're able to manage which users have access to your apps.

Simply add new users by entering their email address and selecting which apps you want them to have access to.

Your cloud apps in one place
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