Manage your subscriptions in
one place

Get an overview of what you spend on services such as G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, AWS and more.
Step 1


Securely connect to your bank account or select from our list of subscriptions.
Step 2


Select which subscriptions you want to track and add custom info such as notes.
Step 3


View your subscriptions on one simple dashboard and gain control of your finances.

Auto discovery

Connect to your accounting software (Xero, QuickBooks) or directly to your business bank account (US/UK/EU), to automatically discover what subscriptions you pay for.


Reports let you know what's been spent over time and help you stay on top of your budget.

Financial overview

Whether you're an IT manager who needs to report numbers to finance, or the CFO who is responsible for the financial health of the business, with Unubo, you're immediately clear on what your business spends per month, per quarter and per year - giving you a foundation on which to make informed financial decisions.

Smart services

Sign in to services such as G Suite, Slack or GitHub to get useful, contextual information like number of users, usage statistics and more.

Team members

Give multiple users access to your account. Choose whether they can make changes, or simply view the dashboard.

Cost overview

Different billing cycles are simplified into one view.

Multiple currencies

Supports USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD and more.

Apps & services

Supports thousands of services you use every day.


View how much you've spent over the last quarter or year.

Stay on top of your finances

With Unubo you're immediately clear on what your monthly spend is.